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Annexa Evolves

With 12 years of experience in website promotion and on-line business development, Annexa plans continuous development of the internet as a resource for doing business.  If you want to succeed, you need to surround yourself with successful people.

Business to Business to Consumer

Annexa is an Old English word meaning 'to bring together'.  Annexa's evolution began 12 years ago.  Today that Annexa focuses on meeting your needs for bringing together the skills and technology to reach your customers.

No matter what you do, or how you do it, your first requirement is reaching the market for your product or service.  After all is said and done --- if they don't know you exist, they will never hear your message.   

Annexa's skills at applying internet technology combine with an extraordinary background in sales, marketing, business development, logistics and entrepreneurship to illuminate your message.

We bring all these skills to your table in a variety of venues to make sure your message is hear loud and clear.   We currently operate three primary business units.

Annexa Business Units

Putting It Together

Broker Buyer focuses on business to business.  If you have an excess or overstock of electronic products or business related equipment, BrokerBuyer can put your inventory if front of our eager buyers.  

If you need to get your message heard, provides the technology to make it happen.  

If your product is targeted to businesses, Business Shortcuts can be your doorway to the internet, bringing search engine visitors from all over the world.

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