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Annexa’s Team

With a combined background of more than 100 years of business experience, our team can offer you expert consultation and service.  Dave Burleigh and associates are committed to leading Annexa into the new millennium with clarity of vision, superior standards of quality, and a strong work ethic that holds customer service to the highest level.

Founder David Burleigh

David's lifelong interest in electronics led him to taking the road less traveled by becoming an entrepreneur.  After 18 years serving in corporate positions for Rochester Instrument Systems and Xerox, David founded Rochester Computer Recycling & Recovery (RCR&R).  Within two years RCR&R grew into a partnership with 3 principals and became RCR&R, LLC.  David served as General Manager until 1999 when he left RCR&R to develop a new company.

His goal was to offer the same technologies used by Fortune 500 companies like Kodak, Xerox, and IBM---a company that would bring the power of the Internet and Open Source Technology to business and organizations.  The company he founded is called Annexa--which is an Old English term meaning: to bring together



Annexa  (520) 262-3306